Curriculum Instructor


Welcome to our “Online Dance Mentoring Interactive Course. I will be your instructor for this entire online mentoring course. We are a Christ Centered biblically based worship arts academy. We are excited you made the decision to partner with US!

We believe it is very important for those called to the creative arts to be fully equipped and armed with the knowledge and wisdom required to be effective in ministry. We will cover topics from transformation of the heart, start of ministry, leadership topics and more...

Our purpose and goal are to see you grow and develop in the spectrum of ministry where you have been called, anointed and appointed! The online class is designed to facilitate those who have a desire to go deeper in their call-in sacred dance that brings glory to GOD!

Let me first "Thank you" for enrolling in the "Online Dance Mentoring" program. I welcome you to the online training where you will be facilitated with the best of mentoring and personal interaction.

By the conclusion of this training course you will have completed the transformation (metamorphosis) process from a caterpillar to a butterfly. In addition, you will have cultivated confidence to better facilitate your team, ministry and leading in the sacred dance!

Lastly, this is not a class for licensing. However, upon satisfactory completion of all courses a Certificate of Completion will be awarded. Again, "THANK YOU" for trusting US with your journey!


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